It’s always interesting to try to predict where a new year will take us, and sometimes interesting to look back at the previous year. December and January were very busy times at InWorldz, so I haven’t had a chance to reflect on 2016 until now.  That is, along with intentional delays in upgrading servers to avoid disrupting holiday events, is a second reason why there was no Halcyon release in December.  And to be honest, we needed a bit of a lighter month just to recover from the October and November monster-sized releases.

But looking back at 2016, it has been a busy year. Yet, we haven’t accomplished everything we had hoped to in 2016.  That was partly due to investing so much time and energy into improving crossing reliability, and I think partly due to having a planned three-week development cycle: two weeks for coding new changes, fixes and improvements, and 1 week for testing in a staged rollout and release.  Having only two weeks for development just isn’t enough time to solve some of the larger work items, and it is likely that you will see that release cycle increase slightly in 2017.  Still, we did manage to do several significant upgrades during the year.

This is part one of a two-part post. The second post will discuss plans for 2017 and beyond.

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