Last December (2010), in an article related to the WikiLeaks controversy, I wrote the following.  Only 10 months later,  it is even more evident:

There is no question in my mind that not only is it important for the truth to be readily available, but also that it is imperative that the truth must be made available, in a free society where the government exists to represent the best interests of the people.

It is the collective attitude of those posting to the many blogs with articles and comments that gives me optimism in the future, when all around I see armies of powerful people attempting to corrupt that future.

The Internet has shifted some of that power back into the hands of the people; if it has enabled enough power, we will see those who try to hide the truth slowly but surely replaced by those who believe that truth keeps everyone clean.

On the other hand, if that shift of power does not adequately move to the people, and there is no confidence in The Official Truth, we will see a new revolution, of some kind. I don’t know who will prevail, but either things will change, or it will get very messy.

I’d like to officially welcome to the Occupy movement to this process.  Now at least I know what form that revolution will take.  And it’s getting messy.

You can read my complete original article here.

And in a related story: the US Government has introduced a bill to require Internet service providers “to block access to certain websites, very much contrary to US official positions on censorship and internet freedom, and almost certainly in violation of the First Amendment.”

And in a yet another related story: Justice Department Wants To Be Able To Lie In Response To Freedom Of Information Requests

And those who speak out against this nightmare are dealt with harshly.  The government crackdowns against the people in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen have come to North America.

Imagine a nation where a war veteran trying to defend peaceful protesters is shot in the head with a “non-lethal” weapon, which fractures his skull and puts him in critical condition in a hospital. Now imagine that a row of police just stand by after he is injured, not helping him.  Now imagine that other citizens rush to his aid, and in response to that, the police use a flashbang to try to disperse those coming to his aid.  It sounds like Syria or Yemen, but it is Oakland, California.

Occupy Oakland: Iraq war veteran in critical condition after police clashes

I know it all sounds far-fetched but that is only because we are so innocent in our beliefs that the government will take care of us.  It can’t get any more real than this.