This is just a short note to make two points.  First, you never know what Twitter will being to you each day.  Second, Rod Humble may be bringing hope to Second Life.

An interesting exchange on Twitter today, for both residents of Second Life and InWorldz:  In a discussion about the new “Basic” viewer for Second Life, Lady Sakai threw out a plug for mentors programs.  Then the truly surprising answer came from Mr. Humble:

rodvik: @LadySakai @InaraPey She did 🙂 Answer is yes. But we need to iterate fast on new user experience, while not messing with current..
rodvik: @LadySakai @InaraPey ..customers. Essentially Basic allows us to make big changes without breaking experienced customers enjoyment.

LadySakai: @rodvik @InaraPey Good Luck on that one Rodvik. May I recomend mentors? They are amazing in InWorldz. Makes ppl feel right at home

rodvik: @LadySakai @InaraPey Thanks, I will go look see how it works.

If I understood that correctly, that’s Rod Humble (Linden Lab CEO) talking about coming to InWorldz to check out the mentor program.

Blink blink.

/me reads that again.

That’s Rod Humble (Linden Lab CEO) talking about coming to InWorldz to check out the mentor program.


The mentor program?  (A program that Linden Lab also had originally, but canceled?)

Wow, interesting day.

I find it amazingly positive that Mr. Humble would want to learn more about what the mentors are doing, especially on another grid.  It’s that kind of to-hell-with-the-fact-it’s-on-an-alternative-grid thing that gives me hope for Second Life.  He’s doing what is best for Second Life and the residents there, learning what others are doing, how well that is working, why it’s working in InWorldz but had problems in SL.  I think that even wanting to learn more about that is a wonderful thing.  We’ve needed that kind of attitude in Second Life for some time.