The 2×2 Offering

On June 16, 2015, InWorldz began offering a new land purchase option. Known as a “2×2“, for $10 more per month than a regular 45000-prim private region, InWorldz now offers the option of owning four 12000-prim full regions. This offers slightly more prims in total (48000 prims) for a corresponding increase in cost, but with four times the virtual land space.

To be very clear, these are four full normal regions. The only difference from previous offerings is that they are billed as a single unit at $85/month, must be present together on the map in a 2×2 square layout, and each region is limited to 12000 prims. One other less obvious difference is that they are guaranteed to be hosted on the same server machine, making all communications between them faster, for even smoother crossings than the already smooth InWorldz crossings.

A Very Popular Option

It now seems this 2×2 offering has proven to be very popular. After less than two weeks of availability, the total region count in InWorldz has risen from 1257 regions (June 16) to 1467 regions (as I write this late in the late hours of June 28). That represents an increase of 210 regions, or an increase of 16.7% more regions in less than two weeks!

In addition to offering this as four new regions, InWorldz also offers to migrate existing regions to a new “2×2”, if the requirements for a 2×2 is met:

  • Each existing region must have no more than 12000 prims.
  • Any existing (and new) regions must (and will) be owned by a single user.
  • The regions must be in a 2×2 square layout on the map, and meet the usual requirements for new regions in terms of permission to expand from any neighbor regions with which the new regions come in contact.

A Winning Combination

The reliability and performance of InWorldz, its Phlox script engine, solid SL-compatible vehicle and controls implementations, secure permissions and reliable inventory and asset storage has made InWorldz a popular location for communities with large builds, from vehicle racing to large roleplay environments. This new option for the “2×2” four-pack of regions at an affordable price appears to provide a winning combination for many creators requiring more virtual land space, as well as the hobbyist builders who just want to build in a more limitless environment.