With all the recent negativity, regarding the changes to Second Life that have residents in an uproar, as well as the seemingly never-ending Emerald drama, I wanted to take this moment to report on two positive things that occurred in the last 24 hours.

Both are significant achievements for the InWorldz virtual world environment, which has been operating with increasing momentum in recent months: 

InWorldz Has Reached 500 Regions
This is a major accomplishment for a professionally hosted virtual world.  Other than a small number of regions used for the operation of InWorldz itself (such as the InWorldz Desert Island welcome region, the 4 public sandbox regions, and a couple of staff personal home regions), all of the regions in InWorldz are paid for, monthly, by residents who are actively using them.  Compared to many other grids, this means these regions are thriving, often busy, populated worlds in their own right.

Congratulations to InWorldz on reaching this new milestone!

Tranquility Has Landed
I wish I could take credit for that subtitle, but the credit goes to Lalo for his reply to my earlier tweet about this.

In another sign of growth and another milestone for InWorldz, yesterday marked the first day for InWorldz founder Tranquility “Tranq” Dexler as a full-time paid employee there.  While previously volunteering massive amounts of personal time, Tranq has been instrumental in bringing significant performance improvements to InWorldz, along with improved stability, disaster recovery, and lately, increased security to that world.  He has been working hard to turn a “beta” virtual environment into a solid foundation that can be grown safely and effectively in the years to come.

This is quite a coup for InWorldz; stealing Tranq away to accomplish even more for this world, where the founders are doing an incredible job of providing virtual residents with an environment to live their dreams.  All of InWorldz waits now to see what might happen now with Tranq focused squarely on InWorldz… This is his RL work now!

/me beams with joy