Just for the record, I think it is fundamentally wrong to try to pressure business owners into changing their business model.  If you don’t like someone’s business model, spend your money somewhere else, and/or start your own business and “show them how it’s done.”  And don’t be offended if they still want to go with their own plan.

I also have no trouble whatsoever — and based on the first paragraph, it doesn’t matter even if I did — with InWorldz businesses taking whatever profits they may or may not make from InWorldz and investing them in Second Life.  Business owners who make money from their businesses should be able to spend them on anything they like.

Liquor and hookers is just fine with me, if that’s what business owners want to do with their profits. Although, if it were me, I would instead probably reinvest mine in my business in an attempt to continue to grow it.  And by comparison to liquor and hookers, taking the profits to SL is practically noble, so you know where I stand on that.  Furthermore, if that was the case, word will probably spread that InWorldz is the land of opportunity, and more businesses will bring their products to InWorldz.

My previous blog entry was a response to one such owner who felt attacked and pressured to change their business model, and apparently has.  Unfortunately she also lashed out somewhat against the community in general, and some very good and innocent friends of mine.  I felt the need to post a strong counter-argument, but I can understand how that must feel sometimes and how it is difficult to direct your frustration at the specific cause.

I just wanted to make it clear that my previous blog entry was in direct response to what I considered very misleading information, and an attack on others not involved in this conflict, and my attempt to set the record straight there.  It is not an attempt to intervene in that dispute at all; in fact if you read my first three paragraphs above you will see I am actually supportive of that business.

Now that the ugly defensive stuff is (hopefully) out of the way, I am hoping that this business will actually just do whatever the owners feel is best for that business, and not worry too much about what one or two others (or even more) might think of their model and/or pricing.  It takes time to test a business model, and I think it is very common for new businesses to come to InWorldz and have to experiment with several different models until they find something that works there.  It is probably not uncommon to have to adjust prices over time, and just because others have been through it before doesn’t mean a new business can’t try their own approach before heeding the suggestions of others.  Go for it, I say!

And I want to extend my welcome to this business, in spite of the previous… um… somewhat passionate defense of my friends and environment.  That’s a totally separate thing, and I have no trouble separating the passion of the moment from long-term feelings.