Check out this amazing phone. You won’t believe it.  If you haven’t seen the Pomegranate Phone yet, you better check this out.

As I type this, I’m sitting in my new home in Nova Scotia, Canada, after being away for 28 years. It feels great to be home.

The Pomegranate Phone has solid ties to Nova Scotia, so it makes me proud to see what they’ve done on this web site.  It’s a deep site with lots of content, videos, interviews, etc.

After the intro, there’s a list of features on the right. Check them out!

Tranq will like the coffee-related features. Yes. And everyone will love the projection capabilities.

When you’ve seen enough, check out the Release Date link at the top for more info.

From there, be sure to check out the Surfer Girls link, an example of the content depth of this site. There’s a manager from Cisco in California on that video too.  😉