Reports of Trouble

Recently, I have heard reports of InWorldz residents complaining that permissions seem to have become broken, or that objects that used to work no longer do.  In addition to the dance ball rezzer products people buy “no longer working”, prefab home rezzers, furniture with MLP engines that rez balls, and other products can’t seem to rez the items they need to function.

Here’s an example.  I received this message:

Hi ya Jim, do you have any idea what this error message means? My alt gets it when she tries to rez one of my products from its rezzer.  Everything is set to Mod/Copy, permissions look good:

(product): Unable to create requested object. Object ‘(thing to rez)‘ lacks create object permission or parcel full.

What Has Changed

First, let me point out here that the permissions system in InWorldz is functioning properly and also that it is behaving exactly the same as Second Life™ in this regard.

In previous releases however, this was not the case.  InWorldz did not properly check the permissions of objects rezzed by scripted objects.  Now it does.

Also, with the latest release, there is a full implementation of parcel-based, region-wide prim limits.  Thus the “or” in the error message above.  There are two cases for failing to rez a prim from an object within a given parcel now: either the owner doesn’t have enough available prims in that region, or the object doing the rezzing does lacks the require permissions.

Here’s How To Fix It

The prim limit case is obvious enough, and can be checked by looking at About Land to see how many are available.

The more complicated case is rezzing permissions.  The error, in this form, comes from an object: (product) in the example above.  It’s trying to rez an object from its Contents, named (thing to rez) in the example above.

If that is being refused, something is not quite set correctly. Either:

– the land isn’t set to allow everyone to rez, or

– it’s set to allow object creation by group members, but the rezzer isn’t set to the correct group, or

– it’s not set to allow group object creation at all.

It’s actually pretty simple: to rez objects, you have to be the owner of the land (which in the case of group-deeded land would be a group-deeded object), or the object must be set to the correct group to match the land with object creation enabled for group members, or enabled for everyone. So:

  1. Check About Land, looking particularly on the Options tab at the two “Create Objects:” checkboxes.  It’s “normal” to have the first one unchecked (disabled for All Residents) and the second one checked (enabled, for group use).
  2. Then if you want to enable group members to create objects, make sure that the land parcel has a group assigned (see the first tab on About Land).
  3. Then make sure that the rezzer object has its group set to that group.

If you don’t enable object creation for either everyone or group members, then only the owner can rez objects. And that also means that if you have deeded the parcel to a group, then only group-deeded objects can rez other objects.  (Because then the object’s owner (the group) is the same as the land (the group).)

Note that “normally” you do NOT have to deed objects to the group to allow them to rez other objects.  You just need to set a land group, and enable rezzing for group members, then set the rezzer to that group.  You only need the extra step of deeding the object if you have disabled object create for group members.