My email: ‘jim’ AT ‘ (be careful, that’s .org on the end, not .com)

Back in July of last summer, there was a fast frenzy to save the contents of every running region as a new OAR file containing its own assets. There wasn’t time, or server code, to properly support filtering. But there was a limited amount of time, a few days, where there was an opportunity to save the contents of rezzed regions.

When it comes to exporting the content from InWorldz for former residents, I’ve been thinking of three milestones:

  1. OAR-related server enhancements (COMPLETE): Complete the software changes to allow deep filtering of content based on the Creator and Owner of each prim, each Contents item, and that of any nested objects. This is the “whitelist”, a list of avatar accounts to include. The changes applied went much farther than I could have predicted, and as such it is much more advanced than other OAR filtering code, allowing everything that could possibly be saved to be included, even if the parent prim or embedded Contents item was not created by a whitelisted user. This work was completed months ago, although small improvements continued to be made each week.
  2. Region OAR exports (COMPLETE) : Complete the processing of the list of requests for specific regions, for specific users. I am very (very) pleased to report that, with a couple of special exceptions, we reached this second milestone last night. A total of 166 OARs have been produced, so far, with about 15 more outstanding where I await the user. (The remaining cases are regions where the user requests more objects be included and we await confirmation of authorization to include that content from the creators in question.)
  3. Sandboxes/other (BEGINNING NOW): All the other miscellaneous region requests where there are many many requests for smaller quantities of objects from the same region(s). This generally (and almost totally) refers to InWorldz Sandbox 1-6 regions, although we have some requests for owned content from the InWorldz Events regions and other sponsored ones.

As of last night, the first two are complete. If you have a request for a specific region (other than the Sandbox, and sponsored regions of the third point above), please let me know (by sending an email to ‘jim’ AT ‘’) because it means I am not aware of it.

This work (both of those first two points) were major efforts representing months of work in my spare time. But it was important to me to not just leave everyone without anything; as I said before, the house was on fire but we were able to grab a few things as we ran out, and it was time to give those region contents back to the owners of those wonderful creations. And I could not just leave Elenia on her own to try to get all of this done. We lost a lot. I hope we also managed to save a lot.

Milestone 3 remains. That is, processing of any requests for Sandbox regions and other sponsored regions with shared content. I’ll post another update when it’s complete.

  • I will begin work very soon on providing an OAR file for each Sandbox region where a user has contents, but only for everyone who requests one. There are far too many of them to try to send them out unsolicited, not knowing who to include in that specific users whitelist, or if their registered email address is even still valid.
  • I will automatically include any alts registered under the same email address.
  • I do not have very many requests for content from Sandboxes. Unless there is a sudden burst of requests, it should only take a few days to complete the Sandbox work and reach Milestone 3.

Going forward: Once the Sandboxes and sponsored regions are processed, I will continue to take requests, either for OAR exports from the Sandbox regions, or any other region, and process those on-demand. Should be about a one-week turnaround on getting an OAR export, with the backlog cleared.

OAR file deletion: I’m not sure how long I will keep the OAR files available (it costs me money each month), but I promised everyone I’d keep them available for at least a month, so what I can say is that I will ensure they are available at least until July 1. After that, they could disappear at any time. So download them before then if you may want to access them beyond the end of June.

Sandbox regions: Below is the list of the owners of every. single. prim on all of the Sandbox region OAR backups taken that week in July. (Note: Sandbox 3 seems problematic, there is only one owner, in one OAR backup.)

If you see “(REQUESTED)” after a name, it’s a request that I’m aware of for content from the Sandbox regions. If your name is listed and it doesn’t have that mark after it, and you want an OAR made of the content on the regions (even if it’s only one object), send me the email to the address above request it. And indicate if there is permission obtained or coming from other avatars to include. As I said, I’ll automatically include your alts on the same email address.

The two numbers at the beginning are the number of linked objects, and the total number of prims (LI) for those objects:

InWorldzSandbox1-99.oar :
55 65 a81d4168-93fe-4eb4-8233-6811f9b0372c quadrapop tree
67 94 436b26ef-0361-41f2-82f4-4578c267f53b Stathis Piek
88 14521 94889ded-48f6-4f44-8fb7-e61005bcebd3 Lamat Lisle (REQUESTED)
82 3211 97f1a18f-3b6a-4eb7-97d1-eeca30669c6e Luna Stormfeather
3 175 c197dadb-986a-4072-8694-d431de8f7bc2 Lunastra Silverweb
53 1390 87413431-ede7-44d2-9339-2f205ed5ca73 Desi Olivieri
2 2 598e9f95-369e-41fd-8e2f-5b6b551f9378 London Dryke
1 1 9facd624-365c-441f-a831-99e72fd7d4a5 Marteen Dryke
3 3 209b18d2-8ecf-4a93-a1c2-621a7f50c285 Medea Madson
18 437 5f20f891-2dfe-4d16-b9ad-07945e79667d Scarborough Fair
31 1097 f9b9440d-fe31-4f03-a873-aa1f3262535e Vanity Faire
2 2 f30d862a-df25-4e8a-a14f-03ca0f979dd0 erdette clarity
7 11 cb6ab881-c4a8-4379-b2ba-dc5a170e286e Bavarin Fleetfoot
5 52 7b974238-21a4-449a-87bb-f946932b603a Chloe Landon
25 338 8e2c6ff2-de40-408c-ac89-1ef6be48d7be Parker McBride
1 1 81170349-5990-4fe0-9d96-9e79059ec14b Quit Button
1 1 23f02c9d-74bf-4216-bd7f-6a2b5ac0ffee Bambie Love
1 1 7f61c66d-820d-49ee-806f-d58cc0f8f43d Dell Battery
3 3 23537e89-a02b-4b43-bdf1-3998c280f782 Martina Seetan
1 10 6030332e-0dd8-48f2-82c3-7cb67f1d0c44 Mike Flex
1 1 e44ad399-1344-4c4a-b093-f6eb73939e26 ERA System
1 16 dff0410b-2c64-486b-852d-c5f59291d02a Folker Messerchmitt
1 1 eeb9c5f9-ed56-4ab1-9d3e-6beacba95009 Bain Finch
1 20 0a71e827-ce94-4242-84e1-7dd204ec9684 Ashley Martin
InWorldzSandbox1-final.oar :
442 13008 9abb9262-6de0-44d1-bedf-c92e37e567b5 Beavis Tuppakaka (REQUESTED)
85 674 c8e3f6ba-1452-4cba-9a8c-2cac97b59f37 aqua willowind
195 3269 1ef52e45-4466-46c4-8959-568dd5472588 Tracer Ping
122 4835 69e6ad2f-caa3-4b82-a2a9-da611feb87bc Ballyrae Hanly
356 4743 39b3cde3-f302-4137-bdc1-3774538691ce Calista Lexico
36 12704 94889ded-48f6-4f44-8fb7-e61005bcebd3 Lamat Lisle (REQUESTED)
23 678 ae2e321e-3f04-4121-8cad-84108427b7c9 Kittypunk Starr
19 143 d5c064a6-3805-44ef-b8ee-2c5bf7b8b464 Disbuilder Alt
3 3 f29ecad1-a50f-4ef8-bb4a-8268e921bb6d belavar planiie
6 144 77d7476c-b6f5-4dd4-a535-66a57931a30f shannara llewellyn
9 9 f30d862a-df25-4e8a-a14f-03ca0f979dd0 erdette clarity
59 663 76c8e59f-1fbe-4f6a-a0fd-2a5dd0bc4581 North Glenwalker (REQUESTED)
27 336 6c041bf0-8aec-4b63-b5aa-8fb49db2aa27 Danika Stenvaag
1 1 e58a2bf9-d262-4040-8dc3-aa7d7defbdfa Susan Harley
5 34 dc03d15a-805b-4d59-8061-46acfc35e038 BeachPeach Georgia
13 555 da6bee0a-32ce-4595-86e5-2a4e1602ce63 Wolfe Blackburn
3 4 57ec5b0e-ef43-41da-b0ce-95a31ad5340a Noon Shim
3 3 a271d266-ea1e-4692-8a9c-db21eeadb7b9 Mystical Miklos
5 5 e2233ea6-fa6b-497d-aa64-a48da59eb4b5 Melanie Auxifur
1 1 1bc64aa1-0327-4d26-8f8a-162bb3c2a905 Mayi Lowey
1 1 5378a0c5-1b85-4c6a-99ba-a56ff1c9a60b Jessi deVil
1 1 c197dadb-986a-4072-8694-d431de8f7bc2 Lunastra Silverweb
5 10 452d60cd-796e-4afc-a81d-4a6a8c56b34a Bixyl Shuftan
1 1 e7255e37-bad8-47ef-acad-da83c15a010f Xeheyla Evans
1 1 2fc61284-1dd0-4868-ab67-6c0f69f7589e Mystique Stardust
3 5 f9b9440d-fe31-4f03-a873-aa1f3262535e Vanity Faire
1 1 80ead8e0-62ef-4ff6-8383-b47a72a47050 Yuki Chan
1 1 2f428be4-576b-4765-bc04-324dbf611b09 Dragonfists Chan
1 1 7f61c66d-820d-49ee-806f-d58cc0f8f43d Dell Battery
1 1 0013c558-ce8a-4ea8-9199-5b2d8db446e0 The Dr
1 2 5f20f891-2dfe-4d16-b9ad-07945e79667d Scarborough Fair
1 1 6899446d-0c06-4704-a69c-4bd5b9566625 Tom Finland
2 150 da1d35b4-9941-4279-acb8-596ee679bfee Savanna Koertig
InWorldzSandbox2-99.oar :
1 1 e44ad399-1344-4c4a-b093-f6eb73939e26 ERA System
219 3507 f457c7a7-6be4-4371-ac11-3d731e9eb792 Old Bailey
23 132 ae2e321e-3f04-4121-8cad-84108427b7c9 Kittypunk Starr
23 593 caecc19d-880e-4979-9c35-7eafa234822d Lemuel Recreant
15 1452 abd5a249-122c-4f07-a907-03ebad9b8b8c Dno Vale
5 6 5cef5591-e1db-441b-bc72-8b97cbfe0845 happy terminal
3 3 c0f6ac6c-5a14-47cd-91b3-7f98a9185463 Myenuk Aabye
3 120 eda4098d-0bcd-42ed-9117-dc1356cc2216 Lilly Fluer
8 201 97f1a18f-3b6a-4eb7-97d1-eeca30669c6e Luna Stormfeather
InWorldzSandbox2-final.oar :
82 504 dc03d15a-805b-4d59-8061-46acfc35e038 BeachPeach Georgia
15 1452 abd5a249-122c-4f07-a907-03ebad9b8b8c Dno Vale
738 17968 b4262b0f-7109-4fa3-9273-b2016a14c8ba Jasmine Wildflower
247 4450 80dde1ff-3f4d-4644-aeb3-06aa1e7fe9e6 Raeven Moonweava
14 238 48b9dd1c-12fa-4636-9e40-76f9174c70e0 Knutz Scorpio
25 291 3e637683-f714-4e8d-9cca-4c3181de3c64 Michael Timeless
482 3379 69fa9251-fc42-4eac-88e9-0a654070c869 Webby Merlin
33 412 48b642a2-e89e-4b5c-b486-6cd1f1f092e9 Jennifer Law
220 3508 f457c7a7-6be4-4371-ac11-3d731e9eb792 Old Bailey
1 78 a5736f6b-2507-42b3-87fd-8157de409469 Hamish Stuart
10 799 51796c88-0260-49c3-b76b-2eeff1d44843 Contra Bailey
37 484 1ef52e45-4466-46c4-8959-568dd5472588 Tracer Ping
43 222 09a6643c-86fe-465b-aae6-b87d1da11b33 Digital Digital (REQUESTED)
94 1882 e18c7ae4-de26-493e-96f8-cbf3d8d79439 Sailor Vasiliev (REQUESTED)
45 743 9a864e98-65a6-41f5-9cc7-b0356378f062 judith underwood
8 201 97f1a18f-3b6a-4eb7-97d1-eeca30669c6e Luna Stormfeather
30 918 a98f6349-edae-4209-a0f9-0f4e4e6b60a2 Maerian Sidhevair
24 638 caecc19d-880e-4979-9c35-7eafa234822d Lemuel Recreant
23 132 ae2e321e-3f04-4121-8cad-84108427b7c9 Kittypunk Starr
42 161 87413431-ede7-44d2-9339-2f205ed5ca73 Desi Olivieri
15 217 13913708-2ebc-407a-aa7f-ccccc9fe97ab Chigadee London
11 11 b2c3c4a4-9db1-4a8d-be63-915ff99b3119 Julia Neverset
208 208 73bf6e8a-3f4c-4cdb-bf5d-28f26684df14 Natasia Saintlouis
5 12 8e3bf1e1-54dd-462d-8c20-4b95d2d5ad89 Veggie Ballyhoo
138 138 d6da8be4-8ff2-4af8-a4f8-0e12d3873fe2 Jojo Lowe
2 52 7207e0f1-8460-4641-837c-4a4a1d052d63 RED REDREDRED
1 7 7fdacc75-e63b-4942-b759-743b273c1d82 Psy Vita
11 21 e7ba1b46-495f-40a4-95bd-2537864e8bec Clover Henson
32 34 5378a0c5-1b85-4c6a-99ba-a56ff1c9a60b Jessi deVil
5 5 82aa9b9e-b1a0-411f-8a57-e0cbf9d1bd75 Candy Magic
13 13 25b413f2-dddc-4c56-ac95-54ab16f3a281 Gisela Grace
3 15 bc150525-0dd5-484f-8503-7a8a0c4b70c5 Lokar Zabelin
31 72 4d9a2b77-a2d5-4ec1-884a-7870eca5109d MP Creations
6 31 5cef5591-e1db-441b-bc72-8b97cbfe0845 happy terminal
6 6 19451aa9-83a7-4a92-868a-61b57fe94ba1 almari port
3 120 eda4098d-0bcd-42ed-9117-dc1356cc2216 Lilly Fluer
8 8 7bb20aed-62b8-476e-94ee-295a7c5b866b Sotara Starr
2 2 bbdea767-d4ec-491f-a1dc-4881f49e3144 Roger Masatada
3 17 ca752f2a-86aa-453b-b916-aeeaab5d75c1 Modee Parlez
1 1 94889ded-48f6-4f44-8fb7-e61005bcebd3 Lamat Lisle (REQUESTED)
1 5 0a71e827-ce94-4242-84e1-7dd204ec9684 Ashley Martin
1 1 3e5851c7-a733-40ab-8e3b-773c7a375f00 Holocluck Henly
3 3 c0f6ac6c-5a14-47cd-91b3-7f98a9185463 Myenuk Aabye
2 2 31e278ac-3ea7-477b-8f6e-6c85c110f6f4 Rosa Singer
1 1 20284d83-4e76-477e-9879-998dcb74ff68 Roger0804 Masatada
1 1 f29ecad1-a50f-4ef8-bb4a-8268e921bb6d belavar planiie
1 1 0f3f7634-2bfd-44b9-beb1-e60665276de5 BG Singer
1 1 6a249619-914b-4bab-8d37-856a5f922690 Kemi mcalpine
1 1 189f83f9-4fb0-41ff-83bf-11911f8d6526 Carl Enchanted
1 1 3631cd25-4b0d-45e1-8d6f-322b6882c35f Tuscan Lectar
1 1 3ab11796-8956-49c5-9709-a66544355898 Debbie Phoenix
1 1 e44ad399-1344-4c4a-b093-f6eb73939e26 ERA System
InWorldzSandbox3-final.oar :
830 16108 e7ba1b46-495f-40a4-95bd-2537864e8bec Clover Henson
InWorldzSandbox4-99.oar :
302 1972 37c85706-db91-4a7a-98c6-708b34f3b9b5 Kelly Luckenbach
517 4325 7ec834bc-b7e2-4766-bc29-0fb8dff9d0e8 Tamara Redenblack
81 443 09a6643c-86fe-465b-aae6-b87d1da11b33 Digital Digital (REQUESTED)
448 23817 b5c7ad54-d270-45cd-ad6b-679bc01b8464 Phaze Designer
166 1744 97f1a18f-3b6a-4eb7-97d1-eeca30669c6e Luna Stormfeather
32 1429 4f993bad-4a5a-4fc8-8943-ba4128000dac Jenny Largos
19 365 750e092f-ae04-437a-88e3-a7bbf932ca7e Bruno Marcopolis
70 1182 7b974238-21a4-449a-87bb-f946932b603a Chloe Landon
23 337 9aed7911-fd92-49c0-91bc-c9a09aaf2f21 beladona Memorial
107 140 07e69d75-2834-4554-8311-40d3a533a90b Gray Delwood
16 137 3d7cafe7-05f8-4c22-b258-82f5c4b9d6da Rosa Dagostino
13 13 8cc68f68-5219-42e0-9b50-5ed8ddae4b2b 3G Resident
11 473 e3d1bd3b-6362-42d1-9f82-8e8766619b5f Ghaelen DLareh
5 206 3ec3a9f7-e012-42c2-95dc-7091767d9e52 Chosovi Kurchitov
8 108 e890ee54-99af-454b-8589-f146dc63a0fc Cataplexia Numbers
104 1034 23f02c9d-74bf-4216-bd7f-6a2b5ac0ffee Bambie Love
9 9 9abb9262-6de0-44d1-bedf-c92e37e567b5 Beavis Tuppakaka (REQUESTED)
3 3 7c1a21df-79f6-4868-b959-1a9e7fdde47d Rubis Topaz
34 35 a2a84586-b5b8-4e0b-89b8-bb83193bc6c1 FaiRodis Aviatik
9 117 a4aa548b-e782-45c5-a1f3-598404492cdc Itis Epidii
25 186 87413431-ede7-44d2-9339-2f205ed5ca73 Desi Olivieri
5 211 ea72c5fb-6e5b-43ab-b17f-39460bafc37d Bigfry Bailey
2 14 d5c064a6-3805-44ef-b8ee-2c5bf7b8b464 Disbuilder Alt
1 1 124da794-98ea-4c35-8bcf-95e3077dbb10 sirharley souther
9 61 d7f3459c-6d35-41dd-9de0-2d4c0aa2fedc Leelee Darkmatter
33 33 f30d862a-df25-4e8a-a14f-03ca0f979dd0 erdette clarity
1 1 d56a1d3f-ff2c-4723-a57a-4ecb059cd746 Daizee Duke
1 1 e44ad399-1344-4c4a-b093-f6eb73939e26 ERA System
3 3 209b18d2-8ecf-4a93-a1c2-621a7f50c285 Medea Madson
1 1 e31d8308-cb55-4c72-bcc4-903f7cfeada2 Cat Tulluaha
1 1 c4082e8e-8cc7-49ca-813d-0239d5d08041 shadow margules
1 1 59d68ac7-f80a-41aa-bb3d-98e0033d3ce0 SunnyJim Topaz
InWorldzSandbox4-final.oar :
4 4 94367427-f86b-4006-9609-02d5f05bf37b Salsaroja Cioc
3 24 7ec834bc-b7e2-4766-bc29-0fb8dff9d0e8 Tamara Redenblack
1 90 7f303003-4bed-4123-a8b6-91d5dc91e9b7 Chlamydia Vajazzle
1 1 e7255e37-bad8-47ef-acad-da83c15a010f Xeheyla Evans
2 2 53b0619f-32c3-4f1e-8048-37874103e4b6 Sashi Devi
1 1 ca1c2245-0816-4cbd-941c-12dc9b457b5a Pussy Control