Howard Look, Senior VP Customer Applications, has apparently left Linden Labs to take the position of VP of Software at Lab126.

Also known as Howard Linden, he was hired by Mark Kingdon (M Linden) at the beginning of December, 2008, to “oversee improvements to the Second Life experience and the development of new products and features that enhance the usability and overall customer experience of the Second Life Grid.”

His work seems to have been almost entirely centered around Viewer 2.x, originally described as “Viewer 2009”.  His blog postings are few, but centered around the second-generation viewer.  Click here to see a summary.

Given the public backlash over Viewer 2.x, Look’s departure, in combination with the return of Philip Linden, raises questions about whether Viewer 2.x is seen as a step forward, or a PR disaster for Linden Lab being cleaned up.  Or is it just another clue in the puzzle of The Linden Master Plan.

Expect more news from the Lindens.