So it turns out that the removal of Phox was one of the Linden demands.  According to Jessica Lyons, LL demanded “that Lonely Bluebird, Skills Hak and Discrete Dreamscape be removed from the project. The alternative was that LL would block the viewer from access to the SecondLife Grid.”

Unlike Fractured Crystal, Phox would not step aside, so he has now killed Emerald, from my perspective this was done out of childish spite.  Some kind of “I can’t have it, so neither can you” attitude.  I think we can look back and conclude this was predictable.

However, this is good news, as it at least means users won’t be able to continue to put their machines at risk with software from these people.

It’s also good in that it clearly frees up some staff, like Jessica, who I believe have learned a lot from this and may wish to continue work on a more transparent and trustworthy project.

/me points Jessica towards Lordgreggreg, to whom I believe she has already been introduced. He could probably use a QA manager.