This is the personal blog of Jim Tarber, one of the “grid monkeys” at InWorldz, a leading provider of virtual world services.  InWorldz is one of the few alternative grid choices with the ability and resources to build a redundant 3D virtual world grid capable of high performance and fast growth.

InWorldz continues the vision that everyone should be able to experience virtual world technologies and services in a way that enhances their lives and their own vision. Since it’s inception in February of 2009, InWorldz has listened to customer feedback and demand to provide it’s residents with the software, hardware, and tools they need to create dramatic simulations ranging from vast and mystical oceans, to artistic  depictions of real world cities. Building on a strong customer community and a solid technical background, the InWorldz grid has grown to nearly 1000 customer owned regions on word of mouth alone.

Jim has been with InWorldz since June 2010, when he moved his “home base” from Second Life, where he was a resident since December 2006.

Jim is a live DJ at The Rock Party, an Internet radio station providing modern, alternative and classic rock music worldwide.  See for more info.

The blog postings here are often opinion-based, and do not reflect the views of Jim’s employer, InWorldz, Linden Lab, or anyone but his own.  They may be controversial at times, and Jim would like to apologize in advance if anything posted here is found to offend anyone, especially his many friends in online and virtual world environments.